Why Should You Listen To Me?

The past few years, I’ve read a lot of articles about finding jobs and watched hours of television with pundits talking about unemployment and what the unemployed should do to to survive - and even thrive - in a world without a paycheck. In all this tsunami of advice, you can usually be sure of two things.
1) the author has never gone without a paycheck and
2) the advice is wrong.

Here are my credentials:

  • I’ve been flat-out fired three times - never for incompetence but usually with malice,
  • I’ve been laid-off or had the company where I was working go out of business twice.
  • I’ve taken a buyout once.
  • I held one job for the first 20 years of my working life and 20 jobs over the next 20.
  • I’ve spent at least 9 years unemployed (or as we call it in my business - “freelancing”)
  • I’ve gotten Unemployment Insurance from three states.
  • I had to pawn my wife’s wedding ring once just to get through the week.

And yet,

  • I’ve put two girls through private schools and good colleges.
  • I have fed, clothed and sheltered my family at all times
  • I have a Credit Score somewhere over 700.
  • I have four credit cards, an IRA and life insurance
  • I have paid every debt - eventually.
  • I’ve paid all my taxes - eventually.
  • I’ve loaned money to friends who were even worse off and
  • donated something to charity every year.