Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Final Day at my first Dotcom

The Final Day of TV onthe Web

I had been the person who had to fire the first half of the company, so when the time came for the ax to fall on the rest of us, I was ready. It had become very clear that The Powers That Be never intended this little dotcom to survive (for example, the General Manager asked me to prove that we needed marketing in order to achieve sales. I responded that we had fired the Marketing staff in October and now it was December and we had no sales - wasn't that proof?)

With no prospect of success, I had decided to expend all my efforts on training the young people who worked for me. The day before we were all to be terminated, I got the word.

I called my people together and said, "OK, we're all going to be fired but we do have a job to do tonight. I'm going to be there and I hope that all of you will be there as well.
Let's go out proud and show these idiots that this company could have worked."

In fact, not only did the entire staff show up, so did several people who had been let go weeks before. We pulled off our final job - a webcast from a local bar -

I bought drinks for everyone, toasted to the best damn crew anywhere and then two trolls from New York collected all the electronic gear and took it away.

I was still out of work but this time it felt good.