Thursday, December 17, 2015

Without a doubt, the best Guy ever to post a job list. Scott M.R. Baker

They're mostly political and mostly Liberal BUT they are real--which alone makes them different from 99% of online job lists.

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2. Search M.R.Baker
3. Join any or all of the following groups:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Everyone!

First, remember to check out my “M.R. Baker/Special Announcement list postings.”  There may be something there for you to attend.

Second, remember to view the entire list and remember if you want to post an internship, job or housing announcement let me know.  The more sources I have the more this list can help every one of you!

Third, remember to take some time to check out my INDIVIDUAL SPECIAL POSTINGS below the jobs/internship lists.   

Cheers and the best of luck to you in all of your career goals!!

Peace & Love Brothers and Sisters!! 
Peace, Love & Joy – and remember to laugh at least once a day!! ;-D 



First, just a reminder that if you are not on my “M.R. Baker/SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT” you should.  That is where I will post information on career networking events, professional development workshops, and resume drop-offs for both political parties and political campaigns
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Organizer - SEIU Healthcare PA
Title: Organizer

Employment Type:
Full time

Job Description:
We are looking for organizers to work on our Hospital, Nursing Home and Home Care organizing teams.