Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Begin Your Job Search

Treat a job search pretty much as you would a regular job.
  • Have a specific location,
  • Keep regular hours,
  • Set reasonable goals for each day (5 solid phone calls, touching base with 3 contacts, making dates for breakfast or coffee for two days next week, whatever).
  • Go to work each day and work until you’ve hit your goals.
  • When you’ve hit your goals or when it’s quitting time - quit.

There are two reasons for this - it’s a pretty effective way to find a job and it reassures your family that the world isn’t going to end. When your spouse and your kids see you approaching this seriously but not like a crazed maniac, it’s going to make them feel a little better.
It’s also going to calm your nerves. Yes, you may well be desperate and the wolf may be howling at the door (he’s been there so often at my house, we invite him in for dinner) but dwelling on it is not going to help. You need to think clearly, prepare well and - basically - act and sound like you don’t even need a job.